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I empower women and families to better their health with alternative forms of medicine. I also inspire and mentor women with entrepreneurial mindsets to build a successful wellness business from home.

​Birth and mamas have been my passion, and truly my calling.  I love supporting and empowering women to take charge of their birth choices, but I also love to lead them to greater health, wellness, and financial success.  

Here's How It All Started

After a very sudden divorce, I was left scared and devastated with 2 small children.  I needed a plan to increase my income while continuing to be a single, mostly full time, hands on mom.  Doula work was gratifying but not allowing me time freedom or the income I needed.  I had 2 precious souls depending on me.  The pressure was intense.

Previously, one of my best friends had approached me, knowing I was natural mom with a background in health, fitness, and a passion for nature and holistic living.  She spoke to me about incorporating her company’s essential oils and natural wellness products into my home and doula work.  I’m a good friend, so of course I supported her business and bought what she was selling.  However,  I did not expect to be completely blown away by the results and had never experienced anything so pure and effective.  With some research I found her company had the best product, the best sourcing, the best testing, and the highest level of integrity I had ever known.  I fell in love with the product and was a great customer for a while, using these beauties on my family and with my pregnant clients. But I wanted nothing to do with the business side of this company!

After saying no to the business opportunity for a couple years, the divorce prompted me to step out of my comfort zone, take that step, and join her business.  At this point I had watched my dear friend make it to the top, just as she said she would.  I finally realized it was legit and that I could succeed too.  She is currently among the top earners in our company.  There is no stopping us and we are bringing some super mamas with us!   I absolutely love what I do!  It is yet another way for me to make a difference in people’s lives.  Not only are we helping people achieve better health, we can also lead them to financial success while spending more time with their family, and remaining authentic to who they are.

Be The Change

I chose not to let an unfortunate life experience ruin me but instead chose to turn it into an opportunity to show my kids what their mama is made of.  They are shown that we persevere, continue to reach our goals, and make our dreams come true.

If you find yourself in a situation like mine, where your giving heart needs a new plan, you want to grow as a person, improve circumstances for you and your family, and make a difference in many lives globally-

Mama Love is here for you. 

Do you want to join our vision, culture, and community?

  • Impact lives globally, especially in impoverished nations

  • Become part of a loving and supportive tribe of wellness leaders

  • Free business training program to work through from your home

  • Holistic wellness training from home

  • Receive Mentoring

Become a Natural Health Educator and Business Owner


Inspire others to achieve a healthy, happier version of them.  Amazing opportunity for moms, doulas, midwives, massage therapists, yoga instructors, healers, personal trainers, wellness coaches, life coaches, acupuncturists, chiropractors, holistic coaches, nurses, estheticians…

If you have a serving heart, entrepreneurial mindset, and are ready to join a loving wellness tribe - 

We are creating a team that connects other people to solutions for their health and for their finances.

Team Love

“I jumped on this business opportunity since I am planning to become a new mom and want to be able to spend time with my baby. Meriah is all about being a team player and is consistently available to offer support and mentorship every step of the way. Her passion and commitment to help others is inspiring and I feel so blessed to be working along side her." 

Fiona Emley

“I started building this business while my husband worked two full-time jobs, I had four kids at home, and I didn’t have a car.  If I can do it with all that, anyone can do it! No excuses.  Within a couple years, we now make 3 times what he was making at his 2 jobs.  I recommend this business opportunity for anyone who has entrepreneurial aspirations and is passionate about creating a life they love.”

Brandi Burdine

“I have transitioned out of my career as a hairstylist and no longer have to spend hours on my feet! Plus I get a flexible schedule to spend more time raising my son. I’m so honored to have been able to join forces with Meriah. She is a powerhouse leader who’s always been there to answer my questions and show me the way to success in this business. Meriah sets a great example of how to accomplish your goals and cheers you on every step of the way." 

Jennifer Biondo

“Meriah and I connected when she offered me tips on how I could get through my pregnancy and labor with natural medicine. We clicked and soon became business partners as she helped me realize I could build a business while being home with my baby.  I love being a part of this team and having the support I need to become successful."

Carolyn Fonseca

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