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My Goal is to Empower You

I remember the days I wondered how to live a more holistic life, especially as I was planning to become pregnant.  I felt overwhelmed about what supplements to take, how to eat, what natural alternatives to use, who to trust, and of course where to start.  I was fed up with chemicals in our food, toxic cleaners, and synthetic drugs being the prescribed solution.  Does this sound like you?


My goal is to empower you… to show you that you have so many things available to you.  I will help you find answers so you can make your own choices.  Nobody cares more about the health of your family than you do.  You should be in charge and you CAN be the healer in your home.  Mama Love is here to help!  Book your complimentary 45 minute consultation with me via online or phone and let’s talk about your top health goals to get you a simple, safe, and natural protocol.  

I offer a natural and holistic approach:

  • Guidance with natural health supplements and essential oils

  • Pregnancy, birth, postpartum, baby, and family care

  • Emotional and hormonal balance

  • Weight loss, and detox programs

  • Gut health and digestive issues

  • Immune support education

  • Detoxifying your home

  • Low energy

  • Much more

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Rave Reviews

"We were so lucky to have Mama Love assist us through my first pregnancy! She always made me feel cared for, more than just as a client, but as another human being she truly cares about.  I always felt backed by her 100%. Moreover, the support she provided was very holistic-addressing mind, body, and soul".

  Lisa Meyer-Angles

“I’m a beginner that absolutely loves learning all I can about holistic life and essential oils. Meriah is the person I turn to for those answers I’m unable to find.  She has a wide range of knowledge on the subject and genuinely happy to share it. Meriah has never let me down.”


 Kathy Kuznik

"I was referred to Meriah and now I refer her to all my friends.  She helped me start with simple lifestyle changes and then address some specific health goals.  I am grateful Meriah empowered me to use more natural forms of medicine in our home".

Keith Powers

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