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Essential Oils

The Magic of Mother Nature

What’s all the hype about essential oils?  There’s a reason so many people are raving about them.  Good news travels fast and success stories have brought them mainstream.  Yeah, I use to think they were just for hippies too.  But no!  If you have a heartbeat, you can benefit from these beautiful tools- a true gift from the earth.  


I have always been so sensitive to smells but I realized it was synthetic fragrances and toxins that bothered me, not pure and natural plant aromas.  


Essential oils are the "essence" of a plant. They have specific purposes to a plant's survival since plants must be strong enough to survive in nature. The fragrances we smell from plants are actually volatile aromatic compounds (there are over 3000 identified compounds). These organic compounds serve to protect, regenerate, and keep the plant healthy and resilient.  Essential oils have a multitude of benefits for humans as well.   


It’s like we are borrowing the plant’s immune system when we use EOs to manage our health.  

EOs Can Be Used For:

  • First aid

  • Immune support

  • Digestive support

  • Respiratory support

  • Boosting metabolism

  • Improved sleep/relaxation

  • Calming the nervous system

  • Focus, memory, concentration

  • Assisting the detoxification process in the body

  • Uplifting moods and emotional support

  • Skin care and beauty treatments

  • Healthy inflammatory response

  • Pregnancy, birth, and baby care

  • Non toxic, green cleaning

  • Enhancing sex drive

  • Purifying indoor air

  • Head Tenson

  • Energy

  • Cooking

  • Gardening

  • Pets

  • Endless DIY

Just to name a few.​



Mama Don't Mess Around

I have aligned myself with only the purest grade of essential oils in the world.  They have the strictest production protocols, from a trusted source, and actually work!  Seriously, I wasn’t impressed by essential oils until I tried these. I believe that if I am going to use essential oils as natural medicine, they need to be effective. Therefore I stand behind using only the purest oils internally, topically, and aromatically for improved health, wellness, and overall well-being from pregnancy and beyond.

We have the #1 selling brand in the world! 


Enough With The Snake Oils

You deserve better!  

With the massive success of our company, many others have jumped on the bandwagon to make a profit-  but with low quality, essential oils containing synthetic compounds, and fillers.   Unfortunately people don’t know there is a difference and may write off essential oils all together if they haven’t experienced the power of the purest essential oils in the world. Our company has set a standard to raise the bar in an industry that is not regulated because quality is critical, my friends.   

Our oils come from plants that are thriving because they are:

  1. Growing in their native environments, all over the world and

  2. Grown and harvested in the optimal climate, with ideal humidity, soil conditions and sustainability practices

As conscious consumers, you want the oils you use to support your body to meet these strictest testing requirements:

  • Rigorous testing to ensure the presence of therapeutic qualities.

  • Third party testing guarantees the absence of toxins, contaminants, and mircroorganisms (APRC).

  • The highest purity guarantees no negative side effects

  • No herbicides, pesticides or fillers. EVER.

  • Oils that don’t pass testing, will be taken off the market

That’s what we are all about!  It’s in our mission statement!

Quality Reports

Committed to science, our company is working with hospitals and universities to get studies on alternative medicine published in mainstream medical journals. FINALLY! And to be absolutely transparent, we have now launched a website where you can look up the number on the bottom of every single bottle of oil to get a full report on each batch.

Global Impact

Here's where my heart beats strongest...

We are partnered with small-scale growers and distilleries in many developing and impoverished nations who have grown up and tended to these plants their whole lives.  

They have some of the best raw material for oils on the planet.  With over 5 million customers, we have the largest market in the world for them.  So we are able to:

  • Offer them a sustainable wage, from a trustworthy, long-term buyer

  • Cut out the middleman

  • Create more jobs and improve income

  • Give back to their communities

I love that these workers are treated fairly, with respect, and are able to provide for their families.   It feels good to know that every time I purchase my oils, it benefits these families who give us Mother Nature’s finest.

When you buy our essential oils, you are directly contributing to the well-being of these communities.

It gets even better...

Naturally we have developed strong bonds with these global communities.  We are able to help them even more through our non-profit organization where we get to ask them what it is they need and how we can help.  

Running water, medical clinics, schools for their children, health education- they get to receive.

There are dozens of these projects going on right now including:

  • Bulgaria- creating equal opportunities for children aging out of the orphanage system

  • Guatamala- Breaking the cycle of poverty by teaching skills and courses that are government certified

  • Madagascar- Bringing health the the people by establishing a mobile health clinic

  • Nepal- $636,000 raised for earthquake relief

My personal favorites:

  • Operation Underground Railroad (OUR)- Rescues children from sex-trafficking with the world’s experts in extraction operations

  • Days for Girls- providing every girl and woman in the world with education, dignity, through direct distribution of sustainable feminine hygiene kits.

Purity - Testing - Authenticity - Compassion - Integrity

Does any of this matter to you?

What does your heart say?   For me, it’s a no brainer. This is the culture I want to be a part of.  This is the only essential oil company worthy of my dollar.


No one is doing what this company is doing.  


If your heart is telling you it is time to get the purest essential oils into your home, let’s get you started with the basic oils, cheaper than wholesale.  


Schedule a call with me to learn what company I stand behind and let’s start your healing journey.  

Get Started

I recommend starting with the 10 most basic oils every home should have PLUS a diffuser.

Peppermint:  Cools body temperature, energizing, settles upset tummy, eases head tension.

Lemon:  Detoxifying, non-toxic cleaner, uplifting aroma, great for focus, delicious in cooking.

Lavender:  Calming to the nervous system, soothes irritated skin, promotes restful sleep.

Oregano:  Nature’s antibiotic and antiviral. I swear by this!

Melaleuca/Tea Tree:  Great for bites and stings, blemishes and can be used as an insect repellant.

Frankincense:  Fights inflammation, incredibly beautifying and anti-aging for the skin, promotes cellular regeneration. “The Everything Oil”.

Respiratory Blend:  Clears airways, great support for asthmatics, energizing before exercise. .

Soothing Blend:  Apply topically for muscle and joint pain.

Protective Blend:  Wards off bacteria, protects the immune system and loads the body with antioxidants. Daily immune support.

Digestive Blend:  Promotes healthy digestion, settles heartburn, bloatedness, cramping and nausea.

Become the healer in your home.  Set up an appointment with me to get the #1 oils in the world below wholesale cost.  


My customers receive:

  • Guidebooks

  • Welcome Packet with samples and a roller bottle

  • Introduction class sent via email

  • Personal Lifestyle Overview call with me

  • Access to my online community of oil users

  • Continued education, research, tips, tricks, recipes, special promos and discounts

  • The option to build an essential oil/wellness business with Mama Love


No monthly order required.

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