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Get to Know Me

As a single mom of 2, I empower other moms and families to live a holistic lifestyle, build a wellness business from home, and be a loving influence to those they touch.  With open hearts, open minds, and open arms we are on a mission to make beautiful ripples in this world.  


Always active and fit, my first job at 17 was as a receptionist at a Fitness Center.  I felt a calling toward fitness and loved the free membership perk that came with this gig.  In college, I studied Health Science & Exercise and staying fit has been a priority for me ever since.  

It wasn’t until my pre-pregnancy planning days that I wanted to learn more about holistic wellness.  I mean, back in college the focus was on exercise, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology,  and only one class on nutrition! I was ready for the natural wellness journey and suddenly the perfect teacher appeared.  My life changed.  This Naturopathic Doctor and Midwife empowered me to make informed decisions, use natural alternatives to medicine, and birth the way I wanted to. Yes, she was my midwife when I gave birth at home.  I will be forever grateful for her guidance and life-changing inspiration. 

After the birth of my son,  I realized I was not only meant to be a mother, but my calling was to support other women in pregnancy, birth, and their postpartum journeys.  With more love filling my heart than ever before, I have plenty to go around.  I became a certified doula.  “Mothering the mother” came just as naturally to me as mothering my children.

I am “Mama Love” with all my heart and soul.

After attending births as a doula for a while and loving it, I realized there was something missing.  I was never going to have the financial freedom or flexibility I dreamed of. There were only so many birth clients I could take on each month and still needed to nurture my own family.  I loved the work but needed to figure out how to create residual income while remaining  authentic to who I am.  Well, I figured it out.  I began incorporating my love for alternative medicine and holistic health with my passion for supporting mamas and their families, while blossoming into an entrepreneur. Employee life was never for me and now I teach others how tap into the business owner mindset and become self employed.  What a fantastic journey it has been!

There will always be a huge place in my heart for the mamas. “Women Supporting Women” is what led me to the doula life.  Now I get to take it even further as I reach more women and families.


Meriah Ozols AKA “Mama Love”


  • In June 2010 my son was born in a hospital with interventions and I had an epidural.  My daughter had an all natural Hypnobirth at home in August 2013.  These were the 2 greatest days of my life.  

  • Before I had babies, found my passion, and became “Mama Love”,  I was nicknamed “Meriah On Fiah” in my younger, free-spirited days.    

  • I always felt my mind operates differently than most people’s.  I embrace this uniqueness and lead with my heart.

  • More and more I find it to be true-  there are no accidents.  Some of the most devastating setbacks have shifted me to a new and more abundant path.

  • I’m a lover of people and culture.  I have only a handful of enemies.  

  • Kundalini yoga and aromatherapy are my personal cures for anxiety and moodiness.

Training, Education, Experience

  • DONA Certified Birth Doula

  • Essential Oils Educator and Wellness Coach

  • Trained Childbirth Educator, ICEA

  • Certified Hypnobirthing Doula

  • Lactation Education and Management Training, Lactation Education Resources

  • Home Birth Workshop with Davi Khalsa, CNM, RN, TLC Womens Center

  • Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, IPPAtraining

  • BA Degree in Communication, Minor in Health Science and Exercise- U.C. Santa Barbara

  • Internet Marketing, Yoobly

  • Numerous business workshops and trainings